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The 2 Week Diet : The Fastest Way to Lose Weight – Lose Up 8 to 16 Pounds in 2 Weeks


If you are overweight or suffer from obesity and want to lose weight because you are afraid of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other diseases … Then 2-week diet is an exact program for you. Created by a well-known nutritionist, personal trainer, and author Brian Flatt. The 2 Week Diet is a foolproof, health-based diet system that’s designed to help you lose weight quickly. The 2 Week Diet promises you that change in just 14 days. This program is suitable for everyone, but it is unique. Unlike other diet programs, it harnesses the power of psychology, and benefit from faster results. With this 2-week diet system, you will get a uniquely tailored guide with a full meal plan and exercise regimen and motivational guide for the next 2 weeks.

What is The 2 Week Diet?

The 2-week diet is a health based diet system designed to help you lose weight quickly. On average, people who undertake The 2 Week Diet lose up to 6 pounds of weight over 14 days. Many can reach their ideal weight with this diet. It all depends on how much effort you put in the diet. But do not worry, Brian is there to help you throughout your journey and provide everything you need to achieve your goals. You can also continue the diet beyond two weeks to lose even more weight! It’s really up to you! The 2-week diet is a combination of different diets that are concatenated in different phases. The diet begins with a detoxification phase, then an optional fasting phase followed by two different low carb phases.

How Does The 2 Week Diet Program Works?

The 2 Week Diet Program is designed to help burn body fat in your hips, thighs, belly and butt. One of the cornerstones of the 2-week diet is The 3 Pound Rule which ensures that the weight you have lost, stays lost forever. Once the 2-week diet is complete, or once you’ve reached your goal weight, it will continue to weigh yourself every day.

If at any time the scale reads 3 pounds or more than your ideal weight, it immediately begins Phase 1 of the 2-week diet until the weight is back to your ideal weight.

This allows you to enjoy “cheat” meals every once in a while ‘ and remains subtle. All recommended foods in Week 2 diet are not expensive and can be found at your local grocery store or supermarket. In fact, you will probably save money by following The 2 Week Diet since every meal is set out for you in the exact quantities according to your measurements – with no leftover waste!

This diet provides real foods that taste great and pack a fat-burning punch! There are special teas, detox juices, diet shakes or anything like that. Just good wholesome food! The given workouts are very minimal and not a requirement if you want to lose weight through diet two weeks. They help to speed up the process, but you can still lose so much weight, focusing solely on your diet. If you choose to make them, they are very light and not tiring. A gym membership is not required.

What exactly are the steps included in this system?

  • Colon cleansing recommendation: other than keeping diseases away, a clean and healthy colon is also key to proper digestion. So how does that relate to weight? Well, if your digestive tract is effective it will be efficient at making sure excess food is marked as waste, rather than storing it as fat in the belly. This is one reason why people who do colon cleanses rarely have big bellies.
  • Diet plan: a good diet will help you burn a lot of fat through natural metabolism. The suggested diet plans do not eliminate foods that contain carbs and fats completely, but they do give you real and practical ways of regulating their intake.
  • Cardio workouts: of course a weight loss regimen wouldn’t be complete without some physical exercises. But don’t be scared, the 2 Week Diet only contains fun-to-do exercises like swimming and brisk walking. These simple activities are some of the most ignored workouts, yet they can help you lose as many as 15 pounds in a matter of days. Talk about effectiveness!
  • Willpower and motivation: just so we are clear, this program is not a magic pill, you will still need to put some effort if you want the best results. The good news is that Brian Flatt incorporated a motivational section to help you through the whole course. If you are really serious about weight loss, you can even get one-on-one sessions with Flatt himself. That’s an opportunity that not many people who are trying to lose pounds get. You can bet he will fill you in on some personalized insightful tricks on how to get the job done faster and effectively.

What’s Included in the Package?The 2 Week Diet

The 2 Week Diet comes as a full package deal that contains the following booklets:

1)    The launch handbook

This is a great place to start the course as this booklet introduces you to the science behind gaining and losing weight. Brian Flatt explains why other diet plans fail and what makes the 2 Week Diet different.

2)    The diet handbook

This one contains practical ways of implementing your new diet routine. There are no umbrella suggestions. Instead, you will learn what to eat and what to avoid, depending on the uniqueness of your body. Remember that our bodies have varying capabilities in metabolism, which explains why this handbook is as personal as it can possibly get.

3)    The activity handbook

This is where you get the exercise recommendations. By the time you get to this level, you will be learning how to melt that excess fat literally by working out. Flatt recommends that you limit yourself to the exercises that you are capable of handling without straining yourself or your tissues. Even by doing this, you will still lose weight consistently. There’s even a comprehensive gym workout plan for gym enthusiasts.


THE 2 WEEK DIET is a revolutionary new dietary system that not only guarantees to help you lose weight, it also promises to eliminate more body fat - faster than anything you’ve tried before


The 2 Week Diet : The Fastest Way to Lose Weight – Lose Up 8 to 16 Pounds in 2 Weeks
  • Written in very simple and easy-to-understand language for all audiences.
  • You will lose weight evenly across your entire body.
  • The system is based on universally proven scientific facts.
  • Works for both men and women of all ages.
  • Weight loss happens consistently over the 2 weeks, so chances are there won’t be any stretch marks afterward.
  • After losing weight you will learn how to maintain your lean body in the long run.
  • The system enjoys very positive reviews from users who have tried it.
  • Packaged in pdf format, meaning you can access the materials instantly on pretty much any modern device, whether it is a computer or mobile device.
  • Comes with a 60-day refund policy with no questions asked.
  • Rapid weight loss is not really dangerous but you must approach it with some caution. A sudden change in your physical features like weight can have some unanticipated ripple effects. That is why you are always advised to seek medical help if you notice anything strange that is not related to losing weight.
  • Most of the material is packaged handbooks. Although they are very easy to read and understand, some people enjoy more visual lessons (especially when it comes to exercises). Fear not, you will already be familiar with most of the exercises, or if you need a little reminder, you can easily find instructional videos online.
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